Tom Knoll_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistTom Noll

Waukesha, WI

I pursued an education in the printing and publishing field. Years later I received a second degree in graphic design and illustration for the world of print and advertising.

Personal Work
Originally painting in watercolors, I traveled the art fair circuit displaying fluid landscapes and figural works. In later years my painting interests moved to acrylics and oils.  I enjoy working with the thick paints and builds of color that can be applied to so many varied surfaces.  As a result my attention turned to abstract expressionism with large pieces.
You may see my personal work at my website:

Creative Bone Artworks

GuitarTown guitar – “Rock’n & Roll’n”

Tom NollHaving painted a 10 foot guitar in 2012, I know what it takes to produce a quality piece of art, and I felt that I’d created a very successful piece. I am very excited to do it again on a playable guitar for 2013.

With a tribute to the Legendary Les Paul, and a nod to the monumental Harley Davidson 110th anniversary taking place in 2013, I proposed and executed this year’s art piece as a tribute to both.

Guitar Front
The front has a detailed portrait which is done as a classic fine art oil painting of a younger Les Paul astride a classic Harley Davidson Knucklehead Springer.
The background of the portrait is my signature bit of abstract energy. As the guitars are finished up by Gibson Corp as playable instruments, the chrome pick-ups, tuning knobs, etc will all tie together nicely for the chromed out Harley effect.

Guitar Back
The backside continues the abstract theme with the same colors, keeping the focus on Les Paul pictured on the front.

Neck & Headstock
The neck and headstock, as well as select elements of the portrait, are done in Palladium metal leaf – all highly polished with a chrome effect to play off the cycle.

The beautiful high gloss clear coat creates a quality musical instrument that Waukesha will be proud of.