Pat Mitchell_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistPat Mitchell

Menomonee Falls, WI

Peck School of the Arts – UW Milwaukee.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1984

Personal Work:
In my personal work I explore transparency and opacity with layers of clear glass colored with inks. My personal work for galleries is much more ethereal and abstract than what I am doing for Guitartown in 2013.

You may see my personal work at any of the following galleries:

River’s End Gallery in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Maplestone Gallery in Creemore, Ontario, Canada

The Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina

My work can also be seen at mt website:


GuitarTown guitar – “In Tune With Wisconsin”

Pat Mitchell_In Tune With WisconsinFor the Guitartown Guitar I’m doing an homage to Wisconsin called “In Tune With Wisconsin.”

I am covering the guitar with stained glass representations of all the things for which Wisconsin is known and that which makes Wisconsin special to me.  I am a born and bred Wisconsinite and have traveled to most areas of Wisconsin over my 50+ years of living here.

I started my mosaic career using stained glass and doing representational mosaic work, so in essence, this is a return to my roots as an artist as well as a Wisconsinite.  I’ve researched Wisconsin and its history so I could pick and choose those things that make me proud to call Wisconsin home.


Guitar Front

The front features a large outline of Wisconsin filled with mirror in order to “see you in Wisconsin” when you first encounter the guitar.  Radiating out from the state are spokes representing some of the many facets of Wisconsin life (cheese, brewing, lakes, manufacturing, agriculture, snow, forest and of course, cows).  The State Seal of Wisconsin is prominently featured on the back surrounded again by more spokes of interest including WI artists, WI musicians, wildlife, aquatic life, sports, the state bird and flower, the Milwaukee skyline, and it is all topped off with the Capitol Dome in Madison.


Guitar Back

The state motto and year of statehood (1848) complete the back of the neck.  This will all be done in stained glass.

I had so much fun doing a playable sized guitar last year that when the call for artists went out for the Encore, I already had the idea in my head for what I wanted to create.

I’m grateful to be chosen again this year, and I hope to do Wisconsin proud!

Most sincerely,
Pat Mitchell

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