Laura Fesser_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown Artist

Laura Fesser


New Berlin, WI

Northern Illinois University, 1975 – 1980

Personal Work:
My work can be seen at:

Waukesha Memorial Hospital

Almont Gallery in Waukesha.




GuitarTown guitar – “Classic Patina”

Laura Fesser - “Classic Patina”Polymer clay was my media of choice for this guitar.  I used the mokume gane technique, based on the Japanese metal folding technique of the same name, for the veneers.  The mica shift technique was used for the gold circles.  While having a three dimensional appearance, they are actually flat.

The inspiration behind the color palette is copper and the changes in color that happen when it ages or is heat treated.

I appreciate the work and skill of the artists who created the Gibson guitar and its form, so I made my design and its elements add to what they already gave as a platform.  There are 6 gold lines on the outside pieces to correspond to the strings.  The circles correspond to the knobs.  The technicians at Gibson are actually completing the design.

The combination of the above two points are what led to the name “Classic Patina”.  The guitar itself is classic and the color palette is copper patina.

This guitar was done with musicians in mind. I really wanted them to want to grab it and “play the heck out of it”, as one friend said he wanted to do.

Guitar Front:
The guitar is a modified spiral made up of polymer clay veneers that have gold “strings” on the outside pieces.  The spiral is highlighted with gold circles that echo the knobs of the guitar and help add movement to the overall design.

Guitar Back:
The back echoes the front with a few slight differences due to the different physical features on the back of the guitar.