Juergen Strigenz_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistJuergen Strigenz

Delafield, WI

My passion for art began in Kindergarten at Clark Street School. During my grade school years I also completed art & cartooning correspondence courses and illustrated many comic books. I drew my inspiration from The New Yorker magazine cartoons, the daily comics, and a collection of humorous illustration books, and making many trips to the art store, comic stands and magic shops. Always drawing, in art club, illustrating yearbooks and cartooning, I achieved 10,000 hours of practice by college. I attended MATC for Commercial Art, being instructed by an exceptional team of art professionals, and also UW-Milwaukee for Figure Drawing.

Personal Work:

My fine art can be viewed at strigenz.com. It includes watercolors, acrylics and prints.

My cartoon art can be viewed at jstrigenz.com. It includes illustrations, cartoons, posters and “The Water Ski Cartoon Book.”

My design firm, Hare Strigenz, Inc., can be found at hsdesignlab.com.


GuitarTown guitar – “Lake Country Summer”

Juergin Strigenz_Lake Country SummerMy guitar depicts a playful and colorful view of summers in Lake Country and is inspired by many years of illustrating and cartooning. My goal is to engage viewers in a never-ending game of discovering something new, something funny, and something unexpected (Hint: hidden guitars), and to have children and adults stop, smile and share the endless array of humorous activities that they’ve uncovered – returning to find something new each time they view the guitar.

Guitar Front:
The front of the guitar is based on my cartoon style and theme of previous compiled works, including a water ski poster entitled “Every Sunday Afternoon” which depicts a busy Sunday scene on the lake, and a golf course poster entitled “Every Sunday Afternoon on the Green,” both with endless familiar, and not so familiar, encounters. The expanded scenes include more activities, giving it a Lake Country and GuitarTown theme.

Guitar Back:
The sides and back are whimsical designs to frame the main scene on the front. The sides mimic a Dr. Seuss-ish whimsy, leading youngsters around to the back, taking them into a watery world with a special island for them to find.

Neck & Headstock:
The neck and headstock continue the daydream with clouds on the front leading up to a mysterious island floating in the sky. The back of the neck continues the watery feel leading up to a colorful fish jumping off the top.

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