Jeff Homar_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistJeff Homar

Waukesha, WI

Graduate of Shorewood High School 1961,  Bachelor of Fine Arts  1966 and Master of Science in Art 1968, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Personal Work:
I call my personal work ART BOXES, which I developed while attending grad school at UW-M.  These art works can be seen at the Almont Gallery in Waukesha, The Gallori in Oconomowoc, and the Pink Llama in Cedarburg.  I exhibited my work in regional art fairs throughout the Midwest starting in 2002 and just retired from doing art fairs this year.  My primary focus is to create something fun and exciting to look at and enjoy.

GuitarTown guitar – “The Songs of Les Paul”

My design for the 10′ guitar was developed along a combined theme of using travel postcards and a 1969 Les Paul Gibson Sunburst Guitar.  I researched the songs and lyrics of Les Paul and found 11 songs attributed to him.  I took the image for each card from the lyric and blazed the title across the image.  This guitar is a tribute
to the Wizard of Waukesha.

Guitar Front:
There are six postcard images : How High the Moon, Brazil, Put a Ring on My Finger, Hummingbird, Vaya Con Dios, and Amukiriki. The body of the guitar is akin to the coloration of the 1969 model called the Sunburst.

Guitar Back:
There five songs on the back; Rumors are Flying, The World is Waiting
for the Sunrise, Whither Thou Goest, It’s Been a Long Long Time, and I Really Don’t Want to Know. and again I recreated the sunburst pattern of the 1969 model.

Neck & Headstock:
These were painted to look like the 1969 model.