Dan Taylor_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistDaniel Taylor

Milwaukee, WI


School of Architecture & Urban Planning University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee


Personal Work:
I presently do not have any artwork on display

GuitarTown guitar – “IRIDIUM”

The name of my guitar  design is “Iridium” named after the Manhattan jazz club that Les Paul played at for many years.  The design I created is both abstract and metaphorical.  It’s inspiration comes from the colors and shapes that form in my mind when applying a design to what I hear when listening to the sounds of Les Paul and the musicians he taught, and the ones who played his guitars.  The spiraling ellipses in the design reference the path a guitar string follows when struck.

Dan Taylor_IRIDIUMGuitar Front & Back:

Both the front and back of the guitar are pointillist elliptical paths in deep blues, greens, aquamarines, warm gold’s and russets.  The colors are borrowed from a painting my father , Bill Taylor, did in the 1960’s which always seems to represent to me a colorful example of where music was in an era that introduced new ideas in design and music.