Cecelia Blenker_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistCecelia Blenker

Waukesha, WI

BFA Studio Art 1999 University of Arizona, Tucson
Masters in Education 2010 Carroll University, Waukesha, WI

Personal Work:
I teach part time elementary art. I create acrylic paintings, hand carved stamps for note cards and drawings inspired by nature: animals, plants, flowers, fruits, and veggies.
I have an art studio in the Springs Artisan Village in Waukesha where I create my art and teach classes and host art parties for kids and adults.
You may see my personal work at my website:


GuitarTown guitar – “Farmers’ Market”

Cecelia Blenker_"Farmers Market"The idea for my painted guitar comes from my love for gardening, plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona where I faithfully grew pots of dusty herbs and Vincas that roasted on my patio in the sweltering heat.  When my husband Joel and I moved to Waukesha 8 years ago, I could not wait to get digging and planting. Finally I could grow a real garden – the garden that I have dreamt of my whole life!

My guitar is inspired by the bountiful garden harvest. It is celebrating the garden and the farmers’ market and the wonderful array of vegetables and fruits sold there.
I painted the base and sides as if it were a basket, incorporating the natural color of the guitar into the basket weave pattern. Bits of the basket weave peek through, but the focus of the front of the guitar is the fruits and vegetables. The back of the guitar is inspired by the growing plants and the buds, flowers and forming fruits and vegetables. I started by painting the background as if it were the soil and had it flow up into the sky which is the top and neck of the guitar. The bottom on the back of the guitar shows pumpkins, squash and watermelon on their vines close to the ground. As your eye moves up the guitar you see zucchini plants, tomato, and peppers. Finally as the colors change and move into the sky you see strawberry, raspberry, apple and pear blossoms and fruits.
My goal was to create a guitar celebrating Wisconsin’s gardens, farms and farmers and the bountiful harvest they bring us each season.

Guitar Front
The front of the guitar displays the bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables that can be found at the farmer’s market. My vision for the front of the guitar was a basket of veggies and fruits, bright and colorful.

Guitar Back
The back of the guitar shows the plants, vines and brambles of the various vegetables and fruits that I painted on the front of the guitar. Towards the bottom I painted the large squash, pumpkin and watermelon vines, flowers and buds. As your eye moves upward you see zucchini leaves and blossoms, tomato, and peppers.

Neck & Headstock
Moving up the back of the neck of the guitar I painted pear, apple, raspberry and strawberry blossoms and fruits.