Ericka Surowaniec_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistEricka Surowaniec

Twin Lakes, WI

Highschool: Art History, Art 1, Art 2, Graphic Art, Digital Photography, Beginning Drawing and Painting and an independent study in art.
Carroll University: Art History, Drawing and Composition, Beginning Design 2D and 3D, Photography and Electronic Imaging.

Personal Work:
I have sold a few pieces at the Wilmot Artisan Market in Wilmot, WI. I did a few portraits (Photography) and paintings for both relatives and friends. I have amateur websites: and I have also shown my work in Carroll art shows and won an honorable mention at the CASU winter graphics show. Pervious to that I won third place at my high school police car design contest. I drew up both of my tattoos as well. In my photography I focus more on the natural side of each piece and I rarely use photoshop, for I feel that it drains the reality (there are exceptions).

GuitarTown guitar – “Razem”

Ericka SurowaniecThere is a noticeable difference between the front and the back on purpose. I wanted to create a yin and yang sense to the piece. Both sides were inspired by famous artist, the front mechanical side by Leonardo Da Vinci and the back, and nearly hidden, by Van Gogh.  I added Chakras to the back of the guitar, these being the centers of life force going along the back of the spine. I am a Carroll student and for the 2012-2013 year our theme was Energy, so by adding the Chakras to the piece I have also tied a connection with Carroll University. In this piece I tried to bring together the energy that each being holds within themselves to energy that our instruments of creativity hold.

Guitar Front:
On the front of the guitar I focused more on the human element of the arts and the energy that comes from it. I aligned the Chakras along Leonardo da Vinci’s vituvian man as they would be found on the human body. I tried to give the front a somewhat dated appearance and the blue accents I used to tie the front to the back.

Guitar Back:
Just as Chakras are found on the human body, they are found on the back of the guitar. I used this as a means to show that the two energy must touch in order to produce a greater energy: Music. Just as I tied the back in a suttle way to the front, the musican is tied in with their insturment by the energy that they both produce and/or hold.

Neck & Headstock:
I did an aged look upon the headstock and included the vituvian man to complete the piece.


Meaghan Dugan_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistMeaghan Dugan

Milwaukee, WI
I Graduated Carroll University in 2013 with a double major in Fine Arts and Psychology.

I will be attending Mount Mary University in the fall for my Masters in Art Therapy.

Personal Work:
I have enjoyed every experience that Carroll has offered me and this guitar is no different. I have been blessed to receive numerous awards and honors for my work with the community as well as my art. I hope to continue to produce art that is influential to my surrounding community and I cannot wait to bring that to the campus at Mount Mary University.


GuitarTown guitar – “Humanity in Harmony”

Meaghan Dugan_Humanity in HarmonyI feel as though art can always have a big impact on the environment in which it is placed as well as the people who come to view it. That was my main focus for my guitar. Carroll University has a theme for the whole year where programs and some curriculum is centered around the specific theme. 2013 – 2014 theme is Humanity and I knew immediately I could focus on that theme to make an impact in the environment as well as the viewers who looked at my guitar.

Guitar Front & Back:

Both the front and the back are covered in song lyrics that all focus around the idea of humanity and peace. It seemed only fitting to keep the focus on music. Also with the recent events that have struck the United States in the last few years, it seems only fitting to pair both Harmony and Humanity.

I encourage all viewers to take a closer look at the guitar and see if you see any songs you may know.


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