C. Matthew Luther_2013 Waukesha GuitarTown ArtistC. Matthew Luther

Milwaukee, WI

~ 2011  M.F.A., Painting and Drawing emphasis.   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
~ 2009  M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
~ 1999  B.F.A., Printmaking and Photography.  Southern Oregon University

Personal Work:
C. Matthew Luther is a Milwaukee-based painter, printmaker and video artist who explores the human and non-human relationship to nature along with the connection of visual imagery to memory, the subconscious and its effect.
Luther received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with emphasis in printmaking and photography at Southern Oregon University and a Master of Art in painting degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has exhibited regionally and nationally, and recently was a visiting artist-in-residence in Sweden. He works as an adjunct professor of art in Milwaukee.

His website is www.matthewluther.com.

GuitarTown guitar – “Icelandic Sky”

Guitar Pictures Coming SoonMy guitar design incorporates elements of my own painting and collage themes.  I used silkscreened images of birds and ornamental patterns to decorate the guitar in layers of collage and de-collage.  I want the guitar to keep the integrity of shape and design that represents rock and roll, but add a raw beauty to the guitar through pattern and color.

Guitar Front & Back:
Layered images of birds and decorative patterns.