Andy Haas Schneider_2013 GuitarTown ArtistAndy Haas Schneider

Waterford, WI

BA Journalism/Advertising, Marquette University
MIAD Continuing Art Education

Personal Work:
I am a graphic designer/artist by trade and have been in business as creative director and designer at Andy Haas Design, Inc. for more than 20 years. I am fortunate that beauty and creativity are part of every day for me.
When I am not working at my computer I feed my creative soul by immersing myself in public art projects or creating other pieces that are given as gifts. I work in whatever medium is available/required for public art festivals (among them ice, snow, foam, chocolate, fiberglass, wood).  I enjoy exploring many different art forms, but favor working with glass and mosaic art.

A pictorial record of several of my art journeys can be seen at

GuitarTown guitar – “Forever Blowing Bubbles”

Andy Haas SchneiderA song performed by Les Paul and Mary Ford (I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles) inspired the concept for the playable Gibson I designed for this year’s Waukesha Guitartown. I wanted to capture the movement of music and the fascination of bubbles by using vibrant artglass colors and adding unexpected accent elements.

Guitar Front
The front of the guitar features several dimensional bubbles made from variegated red, blue, green and orange stained glass, carefully hand selected and cut to feature the swirls and variegation of the art glass. These “bubbles” represent the flowing and fluid nature of the song as well as its title. The background is a solid yellow which was intended to lend some stability and contrast to the artwork. It is held together with black grout, which both unifies the piece and adds contrast to the glass.

Guitar Back
The back is a different design of concentric circles/bubbles, more of the Frank Lloyd Wright influence. Both Les Paul and Frank Lloyd Wright left lasting artistic gifts in and to the state of Wisconsin with their music and architecture and this is a nod to both of them. The sides of the guitar are done with colorful marbles… another variation on colorful bubbles that added texture and visual interest to the guitar.

Neck & Headstock
There are clusters of colored stones interspersed throughout the work, on the front and on the headstock to add yet another dimension, texture and playful medium. The grout has been sealed to withstand changes in moisture (rain, bubbles, beer) on and around the guitar.

The art of Music is a big part of our family and I am elated that I was able meld two of my favorite art forms. I feel privileged and grateful to be a part of this year’s Guitartown.