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Les Paul Tribute

Gibson Declares 2013 The Year of Les Paul

Les PaulIn August of this year Gibson Guitars announced that 2013 would officially be the Year of Les Paul, recognizing the impact that Les Paul had on the music industry.  In honor of Les, Gibson designed and launched The Les Paul Signature “T” – their tribute guitar to this great innovative legend.

The Les Paul Signature “T” wraps all of Les Paul’s legendary innovation into a sweet looking and great sounding Les Paul that honors the memory of this legendary guitar’s inventor, while providing an instrument primed for the power and versatility demanded by today’s gigging guitarist.  Visit the Gibson website and take a look at this finely crafted piece of art.

In a news release this is what Gibson had to say about their special tribute to Les Paul:

“Almost no single piece of initially derided genius has ever had more impact on the music industry and instrument field than what the “Wizard of Waukesha” aka: Lester Polfus aka: Les Paul did originally in 1946.  That year saw Les create the first solid body guitar known as, “The Log.”  Originally rejected by Gibson, and largely panned by critics Les became known as, “The Broomstick Guy.”  The Log was a 4×4 piece of pine with a set neck, homemade pickups and bridge, and two semi-hollow body Epiphone wings attached to the sides using brackets.  But all this changed when Ted McCarty, then head of Gibson, summoned Les Paul and took another look at the idea of a solid body and in 1952 the Les Paul was born”.


Waukesha GuitarTown is proud to share this great news, and the honorary Gibson tribute to our hometown guitar hero!